Schools Program

School Presentations on Irish Culture and Tradition

Presenter: Irish Seanachie ( Storyteller ) Batt Burns
Since 1994 Batt has been making presentations in elementary, middle and high schools all over the USA. In 1998 he was sponsored by The Kellog Foundation to work for a week in the Battle Creek/Kalamazoo area of Michigan as part of the “ Artist in Residence” series. He also did a series of presentations for children in The Kennedy Centre in Washington DC in 2000.


Batt usually likes to take between 100 and 200 students, divided up according to age and grade e.g. K – 3, 4 – 6.

The assembly will commence with an introduction to Ireland by Batt. By interacting with the students he will draw from them images and concepts, which they already have, as well as probing the Irish ancestry of some of his audience. Comparisons will be drawn with the USA and historical connections will be discussed. He will talk about his youth in the Southwest of Ireland where he lived with his grandfather, a traditional seanachie, from whom he learned many of his tales.


Batt will talk about the Gaelic Language and he will teach a few phrases.
As a finale Batt will share a poem and he will afford time for students to ask a few questions.


Storytelling Workshop

Ideal Number = 30 students
In a more intimate setting, perhaps seated on the library floor, Batt will share a couple of his favourite tales. He will offer encouragement to students who might wish to try some storytelling and he will offer useful tips. There will be time to probe a little deeper into aspects of Irish life e. g. customs, games, food etc. and finally the group will act out a poem from the Irish tradition.